Hi my name is Lauren. I play a lot of sports. They are golf, basketball, softball, track, and volleyball. My favorite thing to do is ride four-wheelers, I go mudding and jump hills. I also make lots of trails. I don't stay inside all day I am very active.

I have 2 dogs maggie and coco. Maggie is a little beagle and Coco is a chocolate lab. I like to go to the creek to fish and just walk in the water.

My favorite movie is Transformers. Because it is cool it has robots like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. The green and orange transformers are hilarious.

My favorite football team is the Bears and my favorite baseball team is the Cubs.


I play in golf tournaments all summer I score in the low 40's and for 18 holes I shoot in the high 80's.

I am on a basketball team called the Bluejays. I play any position. The most points I have made in one game is 20. We made it to sectionals in 7th grade but we lost. And we made it to sectionals in 8th grade we lost 8th grade too.

In softball I play for Winchester we made it to state last year and we lost the first game. I didn't do much I was just a base runner

I also ran track for Winchester we made it to state in 4x200. In the group it was me, Sylvia, Michaela, and Victoria. I ran first then Victoria then Michaela then Sylvia. Are fastest time was 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

I haven't played any volleyball yet but I'm going to this year.