I like knives, i have a knife collection, i think that knifes are fun and cool. i have a knife that i got from my grandma that was my grandpa toms. He used it for a lot of stuff he would use it to skin deer, rabbits, coons and even turtles. i have a lot of knives some are small and some are big. I am like 5'2. I like music like rock in roll. my favorite band is AC/DC. I have one of the original bonfire cases that has CDs in it. I listen to them some times but their like brand new. I also listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd every once in a wile but not a lot. Bonfire good music began in 19 65. Its a rock in roll band. started in Jacksonville Florida. first album is gold and platinum. First songs were sweet home Alabama , free bird, and that smell. Bone Scott was the original singer in AC/DC. Bone Scott was born1946 in July on th 9th. He died in February 1980 in a back of a car by chocking on his own puck wile drunk and past out. Christmas is in a few days and that is my favorite holiday because you get to play in the snow get money or toys and you get to have a big family dinner. My favorite part of Christmas is when i get to eat all of that good food. My favorite team is the Chicago bears. My least favorite player is jay cutler. because he gets to scared and just through the ball. My favorite player for the bears is brain Urlacher.
acdc the original singer wasbon scott. he has a box that says bonefire and it comes with four difrent CDs and one has two discs in it.
he has his face on a real doller bill
i made it my self

i love christmas
i dont like him because he likes to through the ball
i like brinerlacher