Hi my name is Brock. I enjoy to to gt onto computers and play games or get on myspace or facebook.

My favorite NFL teams are the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't know why I like them. Steelers aren't doing as well this year, as well as the Giants.


I have six dogs. Three schnauzers, two beagles, and one red tick coon hound. My favorite type of breed is the Miniature schnauzer. The Schnauzers are supposed to be wiry, but all of ours have soft hair. One of my friends have a schnauzer and his hair is extremely wiry. The three schnauzers are Molly, Maggee, and Lily. The two beagles are Josie, and Dozer. The coon hound name is Four. Her actual name is Beth Four, but she was the fourth generation of the "Beth" female generation. Maggee (a schnauzer) and Josie (a beagle) are both mine.




I play football and basketball. My favorite position is defensive nose guard in football. I play post in basketball. I would have to say that basketball is my favorite sport out of the two.



My favorite movie and book is Marley and Me. The only thng i don't like about it is that Marley dies in the end because his stomach turns over. He is an extremely hyper dog! He

tares up everything in his path when he is upset or mad.


I enjoy hunting. I hunt deer, squirrel, turkey, coon, and coyotes. I hunt with a shotgun, rifle and bow. My favorite is using a rifle just because i like to hunt squirrel and my 22 is fun to shoot. You only wear blaze orange in shotgun season and camouflage in the rest.


I enjoy to play my Wii. My favorite game is Game Party. Game Party has a lot of differrent games on it. It has darts, basketball, trivia, ski ball, and much more. I also like Wii Play. That also has many different games such as


I enjoy to get onto computers and play games or get on myspace or facebook. My favorite game site is y8.com. I message people and play the facebook games. I also update my "mood and status."

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